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How Bad Is It To Have Roof Rats On My Sacramento Property?

up close image of a roof rat inside a home

Here in Sacramento, property owners have to be aware of many different kinds of pests. All of them cause their own unique kind of damage. One such pest is the roof rat. Rats in California are quite common, and in the Sacramento area, roof rats are not only extremely destructive to physical property, but they also pose a severe risk to human health and safety as well due to the diseases rats carry. Read on to learn how to identify a roof rat infestation, as well as why they are attracted to your property in the first place.

What Do Roof Rats Look Like?

The first step in identifying a roof rat infestation is to know what they look like. Because rodents all seem to look alike, below are some traits unique to roof rats vs. mice:

  • Size: Roof rats are much larger than mice, but they are not as plump as other types of rats. Instead, a roof rat will have a long, thin body with big ears and eyes. Their nose is pointy and tapers.
  • Color: Roof rats are typically brown, but you may see some intermixed black spots. Their underside will be either white, gray, or black.
  • Tail: The tail on a roof rat is long and often described as ‘scaly.’

Is It Dangerous To Have Roof Rats On My Property?

Whether your property is your home, your business, or storage facility, having a roof rat infestation is incredibly dangerous, as they can cause an immense amount of physical damage, as well as possibly harm you, your family, or employees:

  • Constant chewing: Roof rats chew things constantly. They will chew through your building’s wiring, pipes, vent coverings, walls, and even soft concrete. If given enough time to set up shop, roof rats can completely destroy your property. Chewed wires are especially dangerous as they can lead to short-circuits and even fires.
  • Loss of material items: If roof rats are capable of chewing through the exterior of your property, they will continue to chew whatever it is you have inside. They will happily chew through any container you have and then make their way through your material items.
  • Diseases: Roof rats (and other rodents) can spread harmful and possibly fatal diseases to humans. Some of these illnesses include hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and salmonella. Many of these diseases can be contracted by simply being exposed to rat urine and droppings; no bite or scratches are necessary.

Why Are There Roof Rats On My Property?

The first step to keeping roof rats away from your Sacramento property is to understand what attracts them there in the first place. Below are some of the reasons you may be seeing roof rats on your property:

  • Access to food: Like all pests, roof rats are always looking for food. You may have easily accessible human food inside your home in your pantries and cupboards. Shrubs, trees, and plants are also food sources for roof rats, so the presence on your property will be one of the biggest things attracting them.
  • Shelter: Roof rats live in colonies. If there is a place on your property that provides safe refuge (such as an attic or a garage), they will happily build their nests and establish themselves there.
  • Water: If your property has leaky pipes or spigots, or there is another source of water available to roof rats on the outside of the property, then you are more likely to see an influx of roof rats and other pests invading since water is an essential need a roof rat must secure in order to survive.

How Do I Get Rid Of Roof Rats On My Property Fast?

If you find evidence of a roof rat infestation on your Sacramento property, it might be tempting to try a DIY method you find online. However, these are not recommended, as they rarely work, and being exposed to roof rats can seriously harm your health. Due to their prolific breeding, it is nearly impossible for you to kill all the rats on your own. The best way to get rid of roof rats quickly is to call the experts here at EcoTech Pest Management for professional rodent control services. We are family-owned and operated and have over 34 years of pest control management. Our technicians have the skills and tools required to safely and effectively exterminate entire roof rat populations on your Sacramento home or business. We provide 24-hour emergency services and use environmentally-friendly products. If roof rats have invaded your property, don’t wait — call us today!