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Long Term Protection Against Rodent Invaders For Your Sacramento, CA, Property

Are you being kept awake at night by mysterious scratching sounds in your walls or ceilings? If so, the bad news is that your house might be haunted, not by ghosts but by unwanted rodents instead. Rodent infestations are a common problem people across the country face, with nearly 14.8 million homes reporting rodent sightings to the U.S. census as recently as 2021.

Like mice and rats, rodents enter a building through small holes and cracks, searching for shelter or food. Unfortunately, many pest control companies overlook this when providing services, but our expert team at EcoTech Pest Management doesn't. As a result, not only will we eliminate any existing rodent problems, but we will also do the necessary exclusion work to prevent new infestations from occurring! When it comes to effective pest management, EcoTech has you covered. Not only do we offer premium rodent & exclusion services, but we also provide quality home pest control in the Sacramento, CA area, and throughout our expansive Sacramento service areas. Contact us today to request your free estimate!

Our Trusted Sacramento Rodent & Exclusion Work Process

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No two pest problems are alike. That's why we begin every service visit with a thorough inspection of your property. During our initial examination, we will search for common entry areas such as crawl spaces, attics, and basements. We also look for signs that rodents may leave behind, including the following:

  • Gnaw marks on your furniture or personal property
  • Feces
  • Oily streaks

To effectively eliminate rodents from the premises, we offer an exclusion* and trapping service program with a minimum of three service visits. We first set up traps at rodent entry points leading into your home. Then, we will check the traps during our subsequent follow-up visits and remove any rodents.

*Note: Our exclusion services do not include roof repair. Instead, we will refer you to a trusted roofing company in the area.

Additional Pest Control Services

In addition to our rodent control and exclusion services, we also offer the following:

Don't Allow Rodents To Share Your Table!

Rodents are small pests that cause big problems for Sacramento home and business owners. These pests should never be allowed to roam freely on your property. Contact the Sacramento pest control experts at EcoTech Pest Management at the first sign of mice or rats. Our team of local pest management professionals utilizes the most effective rodent control methods and products to ensure your property remains pest-free for good. Reach out today to learn more!

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