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Every business is unique in its needs and goals. Some businesses focus on the satisfaction and experience of their customers while others focus on providing the best products on the market. Every business here in California is a little different. In fact, one of the only things that remains the same from business to business is the overwhelming need for quality pest control. And because every business is different, it makes sense that every business will have different pest control needs. One of the only things that remain the same from business to business is the overwhelming need for quality pest control in Sacramento. When pests invade a business, they can cause unnecessary problems and even put your business at risk of foreclosure. For this reason, investing in commercial pest protection through EcoTech Pest Management has never been more important!

Quality Commercial Pest Control Services

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At EcoTech Pest Management, we are not just your best choice for commercial pest control here in California, we're also your best choice as a business partner. Our qualifications speak for themselves! Offering both economically and environmentally-friendly options, you can be certain that whatever you're looking for in pest control, we offer it here at EcoTech.

  • IPM Plans That Help Businesses Earn Credits For LEED Certification
  • IPM Plans Built to Meet USGBC Guidelines
  • Fully Licensed General Contractor

When evaluating us as your potential pest control provider, here are some things to keep in mind. Here at EcoTech, not only are we a top-tier pest control company, but we're also fully licensed in general contracting. In addition to our quality commercial pest control services, we also provide additional services in the form of tree, lawn, and shrub care. Don't hire three different companies for a job that only needs one! Instead, partner with us at EcoTech Pest Management for all of your pest control, lawn maintenance, and contracting needs and get quality pest protection from local area pests for your business. For more information about the commercial services we provide and how they can benefit your business, reach out to us!

Facilities We Service

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Schools should be a place for uninterrupted learning, not a place for students to learn the dangers of pest first-hand. At EcoTech, we care about protecting your students from dangerous, disease-carrying pests. In fact, it's why we offer pest control plans that fully take into consideration the Healthy Schools Act so that you can rest assured that your students will be protected.

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When you own a hotel, ensuring your guests have a good night's sleep is a big part of your job. Pests like bed bugs and cockroaches threaten the rest of anyone who stays in your hotel. However, when you partner with us at EcoTech Pest Management, pests will become the last thing you have to worry about. Our treatments work fast and efficiently to keep those pests out all year round.

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It is not an easy task to manage thousands of pounds of produce from day to day, and adding pests into the equation makes it even harder. Here at EcoTech Pest Management, we offer integrative plans designed to keep your supermarket free of destructive pest invaders, so your customer satisfaction and profitability can remain as high as ever. In fact, it's our guarantee!

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When you are entrusted with the care of children, keeping them out of harm's way becomes your top priority. For this reason, disease-spreading pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and wildlife are the last thing you want hanging around in your daycare center. If you are looking for a way to keep your facility pest-free and the children in your care protected from pests, we can help!

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Nothing kills a business faster than bad press, and nothing produces bad press for a restaurant faster than a pest sighting in your establishment. When you partner with us at EcoTech, you'll find the year-round pest protection that your business needs to remain pest-free. When you partner with us, you'll never have to worry about pests invading your restaurant.

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When people rent an apartment from you, they expect a number of things. One of those things is proper pest protection. Without it, your clients may consider choosing another place to live. And here at EcoTech, we don't want to see you lose tenants due to pest problems. That's why we offer a variety of different pest control plans to meet the needs of you and your renters.

Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control Options

Here at EcoTech Pest Management, we pride ourselves on our environmentally-conscious approach to pest control. When you partner with us, we'll work alongside you to help find a green pest control solution that works for your business. To learn more about our IPM services, give us a call. We'd be happy to talk to you about how this method works!

Reasons to Choose EcoTech

If you are looking for a flexible pest control provider who can meet the specific needs of your business, you have found it here with EcoTech Pest Management! Not only do we offer five different treatment options including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatment plans, but each of the above plans are fully customizable to fit your business's unique pest control needs. So when you partner with us at EcoTech Pest Management, you'll never have to worry about whether you are receiving the coverage you need because we will be working closely with you to ensure that you get the pest protection your business needs!

  • 8 Employees
  • 6 Vehicles
  • Angie's List Super Service Award
  • Green Pest Control Options
  • Pest-Free Guarantee
  • Family Owned & Operated

For most pest control companies here in California, pest control is just a job. But for us here at EcoTech, providing quality pest control services is our passion and way of life. Back in 2010, EcoTech Pest Management was founded by co-owners and brothers Ryan and Kyle Abrahamson. Their goal when starting EcoTech Pest Management was to provide leading pest control services and environmentally-friendly options for California home and business owners, and that's exactly what we do to this day!

Additional Pest Control Services

In addition to our commercial pest control service we also offer the following pest control services:

Why We Do What We Do

Here at EcoTech Pest Management, we're not just another pest control company. We are a pest control family that is dedicated to helping home and business owners in our community find freedom from common pest invaders. When you partner with us, you won't be just another name on a piece of paper, you'll become a part of our pest control family. If you are ready to find out what that looks like, give us a call at EcoTech today! We'd be happy to help provide you with the information you're looking for and help you find a plan that works best for you. Don't get lost in a list of names! Instead, choose the pest control provider that will put you first. Choose us at EcoTech Pest Management!

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