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Rodents and burrowing vertebrate pests cause a lot of damage and expense to Californians every year.  EcoTech Pest Management Inc. has the right solution for all of your needs.

Rats and mice can invade your home or business in a short time and can lead to a major problem quickly We will provide a fast and proven strategy to eradicate your problem and control populations on the exterior to prevent future outbreaks.

EcoTech Pest Management Inc. is one of the few companies that have the licensing and the knowledge to take care of your burrowing vertebrate pests and voles.  We will provide a custom program for your property to control your pests.

                 House Mouse

House mice thrive under a variety of conditions and are found in and around homes and commercial buildings.

They often cause considerable damage to structures and property.

They can transmit pathogens that can cause disease such as salmonellosis, a form of food poisoning.

They are most active at dusk or night.

                   Roof Rat

Roof Rats are also active at night.

They are poor swimmers.

They are very agile climbers and tend to flee upwards when frightened.

In a suitable environment they will breed all year long, with the females producing 3-6 litters of up to 10 young.

              Ground Squirrel 

Ground Squirrels live in colonies with complex social structure.

They are known for their tendency to rise up on there hind legs and send a screeching call to warn other family members about the presence of danger.

They carry fleas that can transmit diseases to humans.

Though capable of climbing they spend little time in the trees.

        Voles / Meadow Mice

Voles are often referred to as meadow mice or field mice.  Their populations can multiply very rapidly due to large litters and quick sexual maturity of young.

They will often take over abandoned mole tunnels.

They will readily thrive on small plants.

Voles will "Girdle" or eat the bark from small trees and ground cover.  Girdling can kill plants and is harmful to trees and shrubs.  

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             Norway Rat

Norway Rats are usually active at night.

They are very good swimmers either on top of the water surface or underwater.

They are poor climbers.

Norway Rats are great diggers and will excavate extensive burrow systems.

Like the house mouse they may carry a number of pathogens which can result in disease.

                Pocket Gopher

Pocket Gophers are burrowers.

They are hoarders and use their cheeks to transport food back to their burrows.

Their cheeks are fur lined and can be turned inside out.

They maintain a very solitary life, except when breeding.


Moles will burrow in lawns and raise molehills which will kill the lawn.

They will undermine plants roots which can indirectly cause damage or death.

They are mostly blind, but can tell daylight from darkness.

They eat small invertebrates underground.

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